Inspection Terms and Conditions

Inspection Terms and Conditions

1. Waste Equipment Exchange Inc. ("Waste Equipment Exchange") inspectors will not be asked to operate equipment during the inspection process.  Seller shall indemnify, defend and hold Waste Equipment Exchange and its affiliated businesses, and their employees, agents, officers and directors, harmless from any damage of or injury to the inspected equipment, personnel, or other property that occurs during the operation of the equipment during the inspection process, unless such damage or injury is the direct result of willfull negligence or gross misconduct of the inspector.

2. Waste Equipment Exchange inspections are performed solely for th purpose of reporting on the visible condition of a machine's major systems and attachments on the day of the inspection.  Observed conditions may be complemented by the measurement of selected parts and the results of fluid sampling.  Waste Equipment Exchange condition inspectors are not designed nor intended to detect latent or hidden defects, or conditions that could only be found in connection with the physical dismantling of the machine of the use or diagnostic equipment or techniques.  In no event shall Waste Equipment Exchange be liable for the identification of such defects.

3.  Waste Equipment Exchange makes no warranty that the equipment will properly function or operate when delivered to the buyer, nor that it will continue to operate or function for any period of time after delivery.

4. Failure of the seller to properly maintain the equipment between the date of inspection and the date of sale will void the inspection.  If the seller alters or performs repairs or other maintenance to the equipment after the inspection, another inspection will be required and the seller will be subject to a Re-Inspection Fee of $350.

5. The entire risk of loss of the equipment shall continue to be borne by the seller thereof until such time as the ownership is transferred to another party. In no event will Waste Equipment Exchange be held liable for any damage to equipment incurred before or after the inspection, or during the transportation of the equipment to the buyer.

6. The inspection reports, including an pictures, images, or fluid samples of the equipment, will be the property of Waste Equipment Exchange and cannot be re-published or used without the expressed prior permission of Waste Equipment Exchange Inc.

7. Any oil or other fluid samples taken, if any, will be analyzed by an independant laboratory unaffiliated with Waste Equipment Exchange.  Waste Equipment Exchange makes no warranty or representation as to the accuracy of such laboratory information. 

Last updated on : 14/07/2010